CEO / Co-Founder Chan Sun Park, Ph.D.

“혁신신약개발”이라는 원대한 꿈을 ‘티씨노’와 함께 일궈보려 합니다.  

Together with Txinno Bioscience, we are intended to achieve
a grand vision of developing new innovative medicines.

CTO / Co-Founder Sungjoon Kim, Ph.D.

타겟과 제반기술에 대한 깊이 있는 과학적 이해를 바탕으로 혁신적인 신약개발에
전념하는 글로벌기업으로 발전하고자 합니다.

Based on deep scientific understanding of targets and technologies,
we aim to grow into a global company dedicated to develop new innovative medicines.

CDO / Managing director Jong Heun Lee, Ph.D.

우리의 약물개발 목적은 암 연구를 진일보 시키는 것 뿐만 아니라 가장 힘든 암환자들에게 희망을 주는 것입니다.

Our purpose to develop cancer medicine is not only advancing cancer research, but also offering hope to patients fighting difficult battle with cancer.

CSO / Managing director Hyouk Woo Lee, Ph.D.

치료에 혁신을 더하는 신약개발을 통해 환자에게 새로운 희망과 삶을 제공하고자 합니다.

By developing novel drug treatments with innovation, we are committed to provide both new hope and better life to patients.

CBO / Managing director Seo Hyun Ahn, Ph.D.

혁신신약개발의 성과를 전략적 파트너십과 라이센싱을 활용하여 ‘티씨노’의 글로벌 기업으로의 성장에 함께 하겠습니다.

Through strategic partnership and licensing deal, we share the achievements of new innovative drug development with growth of Txinno Bioscience as a global company.

CFO / Managing director Ki Tae Lim

세상에 없는 혁신적인 신약개발, 암정복의 꿈을 향해 신약개발 전문기업 ‘티씨노’가 앞장섭니다.

By developing unprecedent and innovative new drugs, Txinno, a dedicated company developing novel drug, will take the lead to realize the dream of conquering cancer.

Biology Team leader / Director Yong-yea Park, Ph.D.

환자의 더 나은 내일을 위해, ‘티씨노’는 매일 발전하는 오늘에 집중하겠습니다.

For a better life for patients, Txinno Bioscience will focus on an improved today.

Biology Team leader / Director Eun myong Lee, Ph.D.

더 건강한 미래를 위한 혁신신약개발에 ‘티씨노’가 끊임없는 연구를 통하여 함께 하겠습니다.

To develop an innovative medicine for a healthier future, Txinno Bioscience will continue to conduct research

Preclinical Team leader / Director Eun-young Kwak, Ph.D.

‘티씨노’의 혁신신약개발을 통해 희망이 있는 환자의 삶을 선사하고자 합니다.

Our dream is to make life of patients to be with full of hope by developing novel and innovative medicine at Txinno Bioscience.

    Research division

  • Chemistry teamPassionate and never give up

    We are dedicated to develop innovative new medicines that can heal body and mind of patients and their families

  • Biology teamMake tomorrow better by us

    We are developing new medicine with warm-hearted devotion for patients and their families

  • ADME teamBig idea with warm heart

    We are developing innovative new medicines with an open mind, visualizing a hopeful future for patients and their families

  • Pharmacology team With mind of loving and caring all life

    We are developing innovative anti-cancer drug that are safe and beneficial to all cancer patients.

    Development division

  • Preclinical teamDetermined to develop safe cancer medicines

    We are developing novel medicines restoring a normal life of cancer patients and their family

  • RA/CMC teamPromote a sense of intellectual challenge

    We want to make innovative new anticancer drugs and give hope to patients and their families.

  • Clinical teamFor the benefit of cancer patients

    We are intended to conduct clinical trials that reduce the side effects of anticancer drugs and maximize their efficacy.

    Management Planning division

  • Financial Planning teamA challenge towards global biotech

    We are preparing and planning for the future to propel Txinno into a global company

  • HR/GA TeamFor a better day than last one

    We are building a horizontal company culture in which everyone is happy and fulfilling based on mutual trust and open communication.

    Business Development division

  • Business development teamVersatile all-rounder I want to work with.

    We want to contribute to the company's growth through the establishment of corporate value development strategies and mutually beneficial partnerships