Since 2016, cancer is the second most common cause of death, accounting for just over a quarter of all deaths worldwide. Despite of tremendous amount of effort to understand cancer and to fight against it, cancer is remaining as a formidable and devastating disease of our time. In order to give hope to cancer patients and their families, we are committed to develop innovative small molecule anti-cancer medicine.

Txinno Bioscience is developing anti-cancer treatments focused on two intertwined aspects of physiology of tumor tissue.

The first one is defined as tumor-intrinsic factors which are either genes or signaling pathways of tumor cells to directly control tumor cell proliferation or survival. Corresponding assets are ULK1 inhibitor, ‘Target S’ inhibitor, ‘Target I’ inhibitor and ‘Target Y’ inhibitor related to RAS signaling pathway. The other one is defined as tumor-extrinsic factors which are various signaling pathways operating in stromal cells other than tumor cells and promoting cancer cells to survive. Corresponding assets are ENPP1 inhibitor and ‘Target Z’ inhibitor controlling STING signaling pathway.